Frontend Post Submission & Edit with Advanced Custom Fields

This is going to be a follow-up (upgrade) to my previous post Advanced Custom Fields on Front-end & Front-end Posting. With the latest version of Advanced Custom Fields Pro, we can accomplish the frontend post submission & edit with ease. The previous article I wrote, was only about how to get your post submitted from frontend and lacked the editing portion. In this post, I am going to cover both submission and editing with detailed instructions so, you can easily apply it to your project.

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Quick Snippets for Enfold Child Theme

I have been a big fan of the Enfold Multipurpose WordPress Theme developed by Kriesi. I use it for almost every WordPress website that I create for my clients. Also, You may have already noticed; I also advertise the theme on this site.  As the theme is extremely flexible and very well coded, it has become my all time favorite for any WordPress project.

While working on different requirements and features wanted by the clients, I have gathered a good amount of snippets that I often use for the theme. I have listed a few of them below for everyone’s convenience.

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Useful jQuery Snippets for Beginners

Ever ran into situations where only CSS is not able to solve your problem on your site? I admit CSS is now more powerful than before but, sometimes either we are “CSS only solution” lovers or not, we need help from jQuery to save the day. jQuery is a very powerful tool for front-end web designers. As one of them, I end up using it for better display of the website and user experience. On this post, I gathered some useful jQuery snippets for beginners at front-end web design who would like to start using jQuery on their projects.

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Advanced Custom Fields on Front-end & Front-end Posting

Update: This post is outdated. A better way to do both Frontend post submission and Frontend post edit is posted here. Check the new post.


Today’s post is about using Advanced Custom Fields generated custom fields on the front-end, so we can create posts from the front-end without needing to go to the dashboard. It can be a very neat solution for guest posting. A tutorial for this purpose is already on the internet by JiveDig, which is based on The Genesis Framework. I am going to discuss the way to make it work on a regular theme. Let’s get started!

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Raspberry Pi Web Server – Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin & FTP

The Raspberry Pi is a very neat device. I was very excited to get my own a few months back. My plan was to run it for Plex on my unused monitor. Later I purchased the Google ChromeCast which replaced the Pi and it has been collecting dust ever since. Now I decided to make use of the Raspberry Pi to run a web server for working on my projects locally. Let’s get started!

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Listing Folder Names of a Directory with PHP

Many of us (developers) working various projects time to time would like to create folders for each project. It may be on a local machine or on a web server. Later, when we looking for a project preview, we may need to navigate to the folder to check what is there and find it. With that in mind, I wanted to create a page where the list of folders will be shown and it will also link to the project preview. Isn’t it nice? Read more

Password Protect Your Site with HTACCESS

While I was developing sites for my clients, I found it’s better to develop on one of my servers than getting them transferred to preferred hosts. This way, it gives me more flexibility towards the development. Once the job is done, I may have things that I want to check out too. For example, a custom work I did on an eCommerce site – can be accessed from my development server when I later need to. Here comes the problem! These sites are already live on a different hosting and domain. The demo site getting indexed is not what we want. For this issue, I came across a very quick solution with htaccess, which is password protecting the staging/developed site. Read more

Full Screen Stretched Video Background in Limited Width Div

This is a follow up of the last post where I discussed the ways to place a full-width section in the middle of a limited width div. As per client demand and for the love of CSS, I had to make some addition to the feature. Now in this post, I am going to share my way of adding a video background with full stretched width of the screen in a limited width div. Read more

Full Screen Stretched Section in Limited Width Div

While working on projects, this thing bugged me a lot. I wanted to have a nice looking stretched section in the middle of a div which is limited on width.

So basically what I want to have here is, like the following image. The simple and modern thing to do. We could do a background with video or a blurry image too. These things will make the area look much nice. Read more